KH 270 Double Bed Jaquard


I don’t like that the yarn colors show through the white.


Woven Rug

Saw this while searching the web.

woven rug

Cabled Mittens

T 8
Yarn: simply soft

CO 30 sts.
Knit 4 rows,  reform to 1×1 rib.
Knit to RC 10.
Cable  every 5 rows over sts 5, 6, 7, 8.
Reform 2 or 3 sts besides the cable.
Place markers at both ends at RC 20.
Knit 12 more rows in cable pattern. Place markers at each end. Knit 3 more rows, make cable.

Knit to RC 42, reform 4 rows to 1×1 rib.
Cast off loosely in pattern.

T 6
Place bobby pin in every other bar between markers (7 each side).
Put 2 stitches on each side from bobby pin onto 2 needles. (Purl side showing ).
Knit 1 row.
* Put 1 sts from bobby pin opposite of carriage onto a new needle.
Knit 1 row. *
Repear from * to * until all sts are picked up. (14 sts).
Knit 4 or 5 more rows.
Reform 4 rows to 1×1 rib.
Back stitch bind off loosely.


Easy Passap Socks

I finally knitted some socks on the Passap E6000.  Turned out beautifully!

Oh my, it happened!

Little Bunny got a bigger companion. Before I know it I might have a whole rabbit infestation!


Been Busy!

Some hand knitting, some machine knitting! What’s a girl to do in her spare time? Knitting – of course!

Machine Knits Your Tweets To Create A Scarf –

Machine Knits Your Tweets To Create A Scarf –