Passap Hat # 1

My first attempt at Journal 6 with charting. It came out good, and the measurements worked out perfect. Patterns and chart were downloaded to the console.

Stitch Pattern
Abbreviated Instructions:
A – 103 (2×2 rib)
B – Download from Journal 6, KT 183.
CO # 4.
Needles: -62/65.
Total # of rows knitted: 136
Main Tension: 4.2/4.2
Ribbing: 2×2, tension 3/3; 3.2/3.2
Pattern A: 103. This is a 2×2 rib. Knit to RC 20
Pattern B: downloaded. Knit to RC 126.
Transfer sts to Back Bed. ( this will be purl sts on public side). If stocking stitch is desired, transfer to Front Bed.
Change to black strippers. Set front lock to GX.
Knit 1 row @ T 5.2 on back lock.
Reduce sts by half.
Knit to RC 136
Take sts off onto yarn.
Finishing: seam side seam. Gather top.