Baby Blanket


Newest WIPs. Baby Blanket design from a purchased pattern and designed in DAK 8. Got to get it into my HK 270 now.


KH 270 Double Bed Jaquard


I don’t like that the yarn colors show through the white.

Passap Hat # 1

My first attempt at Journal 6 with charting. It came out good, and the measurements worked out perfect. Patterns and chart were downloaded to the console.

Stitch Pattern
Abbreviated Instructions:
A – 103 (2×2 rib)
B – Download from Journal 6, KT 183.
CO # 4.
Needles: -62/65.
Total # of rows knitted: 136
Main Tension: 4.2/4.2
Ribbing: 2×2, tension 3/3; 3.2/3.2
Pattern A: 103. This is a 2×2 rib. Knit to RC 20
Pattern B: downloaded. Knit to RC 126.
Transfer sts to Back Bed. ( this will be purl sts on public side). If stocking stitch is desired, transfer to Front Bed.
Change to black strippers. Set front lock to GX.
Knit 1 row @ T 5.2 on back lock.
Reduce sts by half.
Knit to RC 136
Take sts off onto yarn.
Finishing: seam side seam. Gather top. 

Fair Isle Headband

Fair Isle is my favorite knitting technique on the knitting machine. And it shows in this little headband that is sooooo easy to make. Knitted on the Singer SK860 mid-gauge.