The Penny Sock Pattern

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I’m finally using my old desktop computer which contains all the files and photos of my Penny Sock pattern.  This was originally posted to the Machine Knitting Compuserve forum by me in the 80’s, and copyrighted by little old me.  It was on my website for years, but I’ve let the website go, so please link to this blog if you want to pass it along to your friends.  This pattern is freely given, but if you are going to share it with lots of people, please let them know where it originated. 

Here it is again – a machine knit, and a hand knit version, and a better picture than what was on my website too:

The lace pattern was hand manipulated on my knitting machine, and if you all want that too, just let me know, and I’ll add the instructions for that too.   Most people just knit it in…

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