Ripple Baby Blanket

Dan, the only man in our group, makes the most awesomest (is this a word?) afghans. He is a master of the craft!


7 thoughts on “Ripple Baby Blanket

  1. Hi, everybody. I did not write down the colors I used for this blanket, unfortunately. I do remember they were Simply Soft and Simply Soft Brites, but that’s all I can recall. It was made 2 years ago as a gift. I do remember that I ordered all the yarn from and they have a huge selection of colorful Caron yarns for you to see. Any of these pretty colors would be great.

  2. Once again, many many thanks for your kind words of praise! To be called a “master of the craft” is far more than I could have hoped for. This is a commercially available pattern, and was so fun to make using Simply Soft Brites yarn. It’s so colorful as you can see. Not difficult at all, either.

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